Tuesday, May 26, 2015

она пьет

I drink = я пью
You drink = ты пьешь
She drink= она пьет

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Savar Tragedy - A tragedy should avoid

The killing of more than four hundred innocent people in a single incident is a catastrophe. But why is this killing. The workers who are making the garments for the people worldwide, are punished for their good jobs. They are so unsecured. They were not willing to come to their jobs due to the condition of the building. But the factory owners force them to come into that defected building. The result is ultimate death. Its a brutal killing. The responsible to that crime should be hanged.
The number of missing is still uncountable. They may be unidentified for ever.
After some days everyone will forget about the incident. But only the relatives of the victims will suffer for the life time. No one may be punished for the killing so many people.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Turmoil in Middle East

It was blazed in Tunisia and rapidly spread in the whole Middle East. It not lonely shake the strongly build palaces of the kings from the long time but also collapse them one after another like the palaces build on the sand.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Earthquake in New Zealand

6.4 magnitude earthquake hit New Zealand’s second largest City Christchurch and it devastated the City leaving 65 instant dead. Life is so uncertain; death is so near and so close to the mankind. All the hopes and dreams stopped instantly by the shake.

Only five months ago another earthquake hit New Zealand but with less casualties.

We can remind the major earthquakes in the earth:

1960, 22 May Valdicvia, Chile , Mag-9.5 fatalities-20,000

2004, 26 December Sumatra, Indonesia, Mag-9.3, causalities-300000

1964, 27 March, Alaska , Mag-9.2

1952, Kamchatka, Equador, Mag-9.0

1906, Mag-8.8

Major earthquakes in Map:

New Zealand earthquake in Pictures:

Man has nothing to do to handle this kind of major natural disaster. People are still helpless to the nature’s behavior.

So it looks like one big earthquake is enough to destroy this beautiful earth.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A divided nation

How can a divided nation be successfull?

Bangladesh is a small counrty, but has a large number of people. Recently it has inaugurated the large ceremony of ICC world cup 2011. Prime Minister of Bangladesh opened the inaugural ceremony. It was a ceremony to the world which represents Bangladesh.

But, Begam Khaleda Zia, the opposition leader of the counrty, who also was the Prime Minister of the country for the two times, was absent on that large occasion. She was invited only without any ticket where as Govt. MP's got 6 tickets per head.

'Normal courtesy to invite an opposition leader was not followed here' objection raised from the opposition.

This kind of occasion which represent a counrty is devided into two parts.

The people of the counrty is the power of the nation. If they are divided into parts how can they develop a country.